There were news and apologies, and then Tom Hiddleston hijacked my post

I vanished again! So sorry – it’s been what? Two weeks? Seems like all I do now is apologise for forgetting 😀

You have my express permission to spam my comments viciously next time I leave – that’ll probably remind me.

What news, what news ….. oh yes!

I got a part in Midsummer Nights Dream! I shall be playing Oberon, King of the Fairies. (hehehe)

So basically I get to have minions. This makes me happy.

Oh! And I found this:

!Is Hell exothermic or endothermic

Also I feel very proud because I found some Ghostfacers Easter Eggs on my Supernatural DVDs (not that they were that hidden …. shut up, I’ve never found Easter Eggs before!)

Speaking of which, has anyone ever gone to the Vogue website and pressed the ‘up up down down left right left right’ arrow keys and then typed ‘b a’ and kept pressing a? I don’t know who the hell discovered it (and how? I mean seriously what) but the person who made it is AWESOME.

Also I found a thing on Tumblr that made me fall off my chair twice ……..

The Other Holmes pt1 The Other Holmes pt2 The Other Holmes pt3 The Other Holmes pt4 The Other Holmes pt5 The Other Holmes pt6 The Other Holmes pt7

It is impossible not to love Tom Hiddleston. I mean LOOK:

TH gif spam 1 TH gif spam 2 TH gif spam 3 TH gif spam 4 TH gif spam 5 TH gif spam 6 TH gif spam 7 TH gif spam 8


Okay I simply cannot take anymore of his amazingness.


Enjoy my friends!

Since it’s half term and I FINALLY have my laptop back, there should  be a less …scattered … post tommorrow.

Till then,

in the finest British traditions,

TH gif spam 9








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