I made a list


Sorry for dropping out on you, but I STILL haven’t got my laptop back (how much longer will this torture go on?) so have ‘borrowed’ mum’s without telling her.

I have news!

1) It’s my sister’s birthday today! She is 11 so Happy Birthday to her

2) WE FINALLY SOLD THE HOUSE! So I am officially moving! We have to move be Easter so that’s going to be hectic so sorry if there is a minimum of posting! (I am not sure how I feel about this …)

3) But since we’re moving house, more money so I get a new (functional) laptop! Yay!

4) Also getting a new phone. Possibly Sunday, possibly next week – I DON’T KNOW! But I am so happy because I have an iPhone 3 which is endlessly annoying.

5) So we’re going to York tomorrow to get my sister’s birthday presents and stuff so that’ll be fun.

6) I am currently lying in front of the Aga on a laptop absolutely exhausted and my brain is in hibernation so I don’t know what’s going on with this list

7) I auditioned for the role of Helena in A Midsummer Nights Dream earlier this evening and I have never done anything remotely act-y in my life so wish me luck!

8) God, I’m tired!

9) Johnny Depp has never won an Oscar. What?! (Also Alex Kingston IS 51! And it’s pronounced GAY-tiss! Who knew?)

10) I am having a big sleepover in February half-term which I am very excited about which is going to include me introducing my friends to The Road to El Dorado and The Emperor’s New Groove (which they have never seen. Travesty!) and also mattress surfing and general bidding my house farewell and also my cousin is coming to stay which I am VERY excited about!


That was a list….

Too tired to round this off, so you will just get








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