Goodnight 2013

Hello again. Long time no see right?

Yeah, I suck as a human being.

But I have excuses!


1) Supernatural

Having suceeded in watching seasons 1 to 9 (Holy Terror – bloody hell! Take my tears and pain and denial!! Kevin!!!) in about 3 months, I am currently in shock over the fact that I have to wait till JANUARY 14TH for the next episode and not just click the next episode button and then I HAVE TO WAIT A WEEK BETWEEN EPISODES AND DONT EVEN TALK TO ME ABOUT WHAT I’M GOING TO DO ABOUT THE FINALE! *cough*  moving on …


2) Hannibal

Which I started watching after I finished episode 9 of season 9 to distract my self from my feels and the 13 episodes should fill the hole in my life until January 14th (which is now permanently imprinted on my psyche).


3) Tumblr.

I really don’t need to say more do I?


4) School.

Jesus how much time do they think we have? Yes, I want these 7 thousand word essays on my desk by tomorrow morning blah blah blah grrr! They are just SLIGHTLY annoying me at the moment, especially since I’m kind of a quarter of the way through my GCSE courses and it’s so much work! Which reminds me …


5) Work.

I have a job remember? So no doing anything on Wednesdays, which is a pain.


But mainly laziness and forgetfulness. But it’s New Years Eve! And it was Christmas! And my blogiversary! So all is forgiven?


Regardless, hello! I’m back and I intend on staying. We all know how well that worked out last time …. Oh well!


I am very excited since I’m going to my cousins house for  New Years so we’re going to have a nice family party which at some point may include me and my two cousins going next door to one of their friends houses to, I quote, ‘chill out, watch Pirates of the Caribbean, and drink rum’. Also at about midnight including the inevitable slightly drunk call from one of my friends and the ‘our party is way better than the one you cancelled to hang out with your cousins and made us throw our own so there :p also happy new year’ conference call from my other friends. Re-reading that, it doesn’t sound that great, but funnily enough I’m really looking forward to it and I just have a feeling it’s gonna be a fantastic New Year.


Well, enough of the prophecies, and in the words of Elly when I got her hooked on Supernatural:


(excuse me while I die of feels)


So, to do the obligatory 2013 re-cap –

On second thoughts, have you seen Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2013? No? GO!


Also gay marriage is going to be legal in the UK in March, so WIN for the UK – I am proud of my country 😀


Matt Smith was replaced by Peter Capaldi (still in denial – more on that another time) and the 50th and Name of the Doctor and generally a good (by which I mean incredibly sad and brilliant) year for Doctor Who.


Still boyfriend-less, which I can’t say I’m particularly bothered by, except that I wish my family would stop going on about it 😀


I think I’ve grown up quite a lot in the past year, especially since I have now realised that I say that almost every year and every year I think I’m the most grown-up I’ve ever been (which I suppose is true) and also the most grown-up I will ever be which is never true and having realised this I now know that I may be grown-up but I’m not done yet and I will always remain childish sometimes (thank you Doctor). I’ve done some stupid things this year, and I think next year I will try and cut down on them (try being the operative word).


I’ll leave the resolutions and Sherlock post until tomorrow, and if you’re very lucky you might get a marginally drunk post at midnight, and I’ll leave the life update till I’m home again, so until then –


Sayonara bitches – it’s Tuesday!


Hope you have a FANTASTIC year and you all realise how truly amazing and wonderful you all are because you are all AWESOME. See you on the other side!


Goodnight 2013.







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