Shhhh ……





I’ll explain later!



I wrote these for English!:


curling tendrils

beckoning fingers

slip down my throat

black shapes in the shadows

a towering arch

whispering above me

a breeze ….. moving the leaves

behind me: a branch


Here, time passes differently than in those other places the world is made of. It seems as though each moment lasts a lifetime – the fall of sunlight, filtered, slipping sliding and dancing from on high; the dart of a gecko, both so slow and so swift. And the colours! Oh what colours! Greens to dazzle the eyes, and throne the mind in robes of emerald, jade, malachite, chartreuse, viridian! Shades for which there are not names. Shades never before seen, existing barely in that second, ever-changing, moving always, through the inescapable, intractable beauty. And not the beauty of Paris or Rome – wild Β beauty, not human, not ours or mine or thine, not ownable or even catchable; no human hand will ever reach, and run through its fingers like sand the living, breathing, vital beauty in these hallowed halls of living wood, millennia in the making, thousands upon thousands of lives to bring consciousness to this place. Simply to observe the ageless, timeless forest, neither human nor inhuman but very much alive.



Anyway shhh! You must be very quiet!


Oh shit.


I gotta go!






6 thoughts on “Shhhh ……

  1. OMG beth, i’m actually crying! why do I get so emotional!!!! that’s so , so sweet. Beth if you wrote a book I would actually read it!!!! awwwwww that’s so deep! πŸ˜€ xxxx still crying! xxxxxxxxx

      1. Hehe awww!! I expect a little note in the back of the book saying ” I would like to dedicate this book to my amazingly awesome best friend hannah who is the most amazing human being I have ever met” yep that should do nicely!!! πŸ˜€ xxxx


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