50 Ways To Say Hello!

Hello my dears!

On the agenda for this evening:

  • Our new headmistress is a lunatic,
  • I am abandoning you for the weekend,
  • My grown up friend Clare,
  • My personality,
  • And another song I’ve had on indefinite repeat (what do I do with my life?).


The new headmistress! I’ve got to stop calling her that, she’s been here nearly a year now.

I guess it doesn’t help that all our school book’s covers were ordered wrong and still say Dr. McAuley (the headmaster) on them …….


But she’s insane!

She keeps changing the rules on us – most recently uniform!


No 6-button trousers. What does that MEAN? WE are pretty confidant she means these:

Miss Sixy school trousers

Which is annoying, but we stop wearing them.

Then she bans half the skirts people are wearing.

SO they complain, but some of them go out and buy new pleated ones.

And then yesterday we get an assembly – no pleated skirts, floaty skirts, jersey skirts or tight skirts. Oh, and no ‘fashion trousers’ (WHAT ARE FASHION TROUSERS?).

Grrr …….

And she got some random mannequins and dressed them up in what we should be wearing.

Which was hideous.

And she left them out in the hall so we could see them.

So me and my sister sneaked up when no one was looking, undid the top button, untucked the shirt and tried to roll the blazer sleeves up πŸ˜€ That was good πŸ˜€

Here is what facebook has to say about her new stuff:


The new Head Teacher of my school Is making many changes
Not going to go into detail because I really can’t be bothered

Although, I would like to point out her changes to the girls school uniform, (mainly school skirts) are stupid. Turns out no matter what skirt I get is not right, and so she will have the pleasure of seeing me come to school in my knickers next yearΒ 

Ohh Mrs Keenan-Beardsley you are one lucky lady



This is stupid. First of all Mrs KB says no pencil skirts, so I buy a pleated one. Then she says no pleated ones. WTF??? What am I supposed to wear, trousers? Oh no, you stopped me wearing my trousers this year as well. Our uniform was fine and so is the badge. It worked for all the years DMC was here so why change something that works well. It’s not the unifrom that makes a good school it’s the happiness of the people in it and the results we get. None of that has anything to do with uniform! Rant over.Β β€”Β feelingΒ angry.


And I think that concludes my rant as well.


Next topic!

I am abandoning you!


I am off into Buxton for the weekend to see my two favourite cousins (shhhhhh!) in a production of Les Mis! They are the Inn keeper’s Wife and in the chorus, respectively.

Very exciting!


I think the part I am most looking forward to is the inn keepers wife and her very camp co-stars plot to steal Eponine’s role by running on during the singing/crying in the rain scene with an umbrella, and in the resulting confusion throwing her off the stage and singing her part, after screaming ‘The SHow Must Go On!’

I think it could work!


So I shall write brief posts on Friday with the 30 Day Challenge (would I abandon you? Or fail at my task?) questions in but unfortunately I shall not be able to post properly 😦


And Thursday shall be busy too!


When me and my sisters were younger we had a nanny named Clare.

Once when I was little, she took me somewhere and this random person asked if she was my mummy.

To which I replied “No, she’s my grown-up friend”

Hence the thing.

And I haven’t seen her in yearsΒ but she’s coming to stay Thursday night!

Which will be nice πŸ˜€


Speaking of which, the question of the day!

‘3 Things You Like About Your Personality’

(I like this question πŸ˜€ Despite the lack of QUESTION MARKS!)

Well, I think …….

  1. I am a basically nice person. Strip away everything else and I can still be nice to people, almost without thinking. I slip up sometimes, and make mistakes but I incredibly rarely intentionally try to hurt people.
  2. I can usually understand people quite well, generally. Which makes be both very good at lying to them and able to stop when they’re lying. But equally when to leave stuff and not call them out on it. Again, stuff goes wrong but generally, it works!
  3. I have a good sense of humour. I just do πŸ˜€


Well, that was nice! What about you guys? Anything you like/dislike about your personalities?


I have had this song going round in my head for days, and it keeps popping in and making my laugh at the worst moments. Plus people give me weird looks when I start singing (well, they do that anyway. But particularly, for various reason, this song) – but it’s so catchy!

You don’t generally get marks for having a well-balanced mind if people catch you singing it/writing down the lyrics though ………



I do love it πŸ˜€


A friend of mine has recently (finally!) got back to blogging!


So go welcome her back πŸ˜€


Well, the Sainsbury’s delivery man has just arrived, so I shall go snaffle (FANTASTIC word that … snaffle …) some bagels!


Au reviour meine petit Freundes!





10 thoughts on “50 Ways To Say Hello!

  1. Aha, we have that already at our school, but thank god I never need to wear it again. We had to wear only clothing with the school logo on, which means we have to buy the expensive shit…Yeah. Girls wore skirts which have to be two fingers from the knee, yeah, female teachers were allowed to expect if your skirt was too high, they would tell you to go to the bathroom and make it longer or give you trousers to wear…And with the shirts, well, girls wore blouses and you couldn’t undo buttons as they places them in places where if you did…well, they would see your bra basically.
    Wow this is long, sorry.

    1. That is possibly even more annoying than my school πŸ˜€ At least our teachers don’t inspect the length of our skirts! Yet. This will probably be next.. and at least we can undo our top buttons …… haha that’s okay πŸ˜€

      1. technically you can’t undo your top buttons but shes probably being leniant due to the heat and i think next year them probably will bring in skirt inspections as everyone will know what length skirt they are supposed to have


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