‘Claudelia’, Maths and the most hilarious supply teacher ever

And tonight we have a post staring my incredibly blonde friend Claudelia*

*name changed for reasons of embarrassment*

So, my top ten Claudelia blonde moments (in no particular order):

  1. Jumps into a swimming pool. Yells: ‘The water’s wet!’
  2. There’s other planets?
  3. Sends me this on Skype:ย Well it was in english and i got up to put my book away sat back down and then sat on my foot, so bacically i managed ot somehow twist my leg around the chair so my foot got squished under the chair leg and i sat on it, so bacicaly i sat on my foot. Then got stuck and started to panick while franticly wiggling the chair of. While charlotte laughed as i explained -_- meh ๐Ÿ˜ฆ xย when i was supposed to be reading…ย but i was wiggling…
  4. Well, I’d be taller than you if we were in Australia!
  5. Attempts to demonstrate Australia blonde moment using a ten pound note (the world), some mascara (her) and her iPhone (me). That did not go well.
  6. Leads to her saying ‘…and then we’d just pop up in Australia and be like ‘Hello,Statue of Liberty!”. I banged my head on the desk after that one.
  7. Don’t you think the number 18 looks like a snowman ……… standing next to a lampost ……..
  8. If I die my hair blonde ….. I’d be a walrus!’ After I give her a carefully blank look: ‘Walrus … .that’s like a bear ….. with massive teeth …….’ Another blank look: ‘No I’m thinking of owls ……’. After I pull a picture of a walrus up on the computer: ‘I meant a beaver!’ I get a picture of a beaver: ‘See! They’re both …. brown …..’
  9. After the whole walrus incident, she says: ‘Well it’s not that bad …… I used to think Amazon (you know the company Amazon?) was selling actual bits of the Amazon! You know, the rain forest?’ After I say what about the river: ‘There’s a river in the Amazon?’
  10. Tries to look out of car. Forgets the window is closed. Bangs head on window.

But seriously, I love my darling friend “Claudelia” – she makes me laugh every single day ๐Ÿ˜€


Hmm ….. Walruses ……..

I have a post idea for tomorrow that I have a feeling you’ll enjoy ……


Onto the 30 day challenge thing!

And today’s question:

Something disgusting you do

(Is not a question. Just saying.)

Well, I don’t have that many disgusting habits …….

I don’t bite my nails or pick my nose or eat my pens or pencils …….


Except when I’m sitting next to this guy in this one lesson.


Biting nails, chewing pens, accidentally using pencils as a cigar (the-name’s-Bond-James-Bond), scratching my neck and then leaving my hand there for ages cos I don’t know what to do with it then realising I probably look like a lunatic and trying to work out what to do with my hand before he notices, brushing my hair behind my ears an completely unnecessary amount of times and generally making a bit of a fool of myself.

And REALLY hoping he won’t notice.

I am going to shut up about him now before I give something vital away to George, Hannah, Elly or Taby (THEY KNOW NOTHING!).

We had an interesting supply teacher today.

We had her for a whole series of lessons last year during which the infamous blast-off incident occurred.

You see, she has a propensity for saying 3….2….1…. when she wants us to be quiet.

So when she left the classroom, we did what any self respecting Year 8 class does – we conspired.

She came back, and said

‘three ……. two ….. one ……’

and the entire class yelled


It was brilliant ๐Ÿ˜€

She also kept calling Carl (VERY annoying boy in my class) Danny. Every lesson she went


and we’d all correct her automatically with


But she never believed us until she complained about ‘Danny’ to our head of Maths and he told her there was no boy named Danny in our class.

That was amusing.

Anyway, we had her for Maths today, and she was hilarious.

She had me in her sights (literally – I was sat at the back of the class directly in her eye-line) and I got yelled at at least ten times!

Although my multi-tasking skills were proven to be exemplary – I was skating on very thin ice, teaching her lesson and doing it better than her all at the same time ๐Ÿ˜€

Also I got yelled at for making her ‘irate’

Irate is a fantastic word, but perhaps not when your trying to tell off a bunch of fourteen year olds who are in a Maths lesson.

There was one point where she said three ….. two…. one ……. again and you could HEAR the sound of 30-something students whispering ‘blast off!’ under their breath.

Well, today was fun

And this post was unexpectedly long!

Au reviour meine petit Freundes,




17 thoughts on “‘Claudelia’, Maths and the most hilarious supply teacher ever

      1. I just became friends with claudelia and we have agreed to take our full revenge tomorow! ๐Ÿ™‚ muahahahahaha! – ps, she expects a full appology with if possible chocolate?.. xx


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