Deadlines/schmeadlines – Centenary party!

Right – I sat down to write this post at ten thirty am, thinking I’d manage to get it out of the way early and not try and race the clock posting before midnight (two days in a row! How did that happen?)

Well here we are at 11 pm, and I may just get it finished before 12.

(School tomorrow – what am I thinking?!?)

Since we have a lot to get thorough and just under and hour to do it in – on with the show!


This happened:


(500 likes! I love you all so much!)

I was walking through the living room earlier where my little sister was watching Star Wars.

Darth Vader appears:

He’s all yours, bunny hunter.’

BUNNY? Bunny?


As it turns out, he actually said bounty hunter. I suppose that makes more sense ……

But now, the big news of the evening!

This is it, the one you’ve all been waiting for, it’s been coming for days and here it is ………



I love you guys all so much! I even made a special page for you all! It’s up there in the header 😀

Centenary! Letter from the Queen (special English custom 😀 On your hundredth birthday, you get a letter from the Queen)! Other hundredth things!

I think I want most to thank Elly and Taby, the two who convinced me to start this amazing journey with you guys and who gave me so much to write about 😀

I also want to thank the some other bloggers in particular for being so inspirational and generally awesome and freindly 😀

They are:

George: www.mindofgeorge.wordpress.com

Chloe: www.littlemissnerdybookworm.wordpress.com

www.floodedroses.wordpress.com (Feeling bad because I cannot find your name ANYWHERE ._.)

Lilith: www.innocentimmortality.wordpress.com


Emory: www.freakoffandom.wordpress.com

Love you all!

My leg is no longer working I’ve been sat on it for so long.

But wait! The show is not yet over, for I must still do ……..

The 30 Day Challenge!

And today we have:

‘A date you’d love to go on’

(I like this question – excuse me while I spend 15 minutes fantasising about my perfect date)

Well that was nice 😀

I’m not really sure, but it would be very romantic and funny and fantastic and surprising 😀

Any takers? No? Okaaaaay ……..

Two days in a row? Better make it three.

I recently decided to look through my spam queue  to see if there was anything interesting and discovered that quite a few comments from George and FloodedRoses had been labelled as spam! Sorry guys, they should be up now.

Buuut, I did find this one spam comment that looked like this:

Los Angles Carpet Cleaner



My spam queue is insane.

But wait? What is that sound I hear? Is it ….—

*30 minutes later*

It was.

 Benedict Cumberbatch on Top Gear.

With very hot looking hair.

I’ll let you think about that for a moment shall I?

* mass exodus to BBC iPlayer*

I thought so.

Well, I shall see you tomorrow, you lovely amazing fantastic geronimo molto bene people.

Au reviour meine petit Freundes.



And posted before midnight.

I’m getting the hang of this 😀

P.S. 110th post. Happy birthday, blog 😀


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