I postpone the excitement for Korean dramas

I know I said I had something special to post tonight, but since then I have got addicted to Korean dramas, it’s 20 to midnight (again!) and I have to do this post super fast cos I was supposed to be in bed 3 hours ago.


On with the show!


Today’s question:

‘Things you’d like to say to an ex”

(Well, no. Just no.)


Well, I have this one ex I’d just like to apologise for being a really bad girlfriend to. I mean, I can’t really remember it all that well and it was a while ago but I just have this feeling I was a really horrible girlfriend.


On another note,

I AM ADDICTED to this series called Boys Before Flowers (or sometimes Boys Over Flowers – translations) so thank you for that floodedroses.

That is why this post is so late and patchy – I am trying to watch at the same time!

S0 big news will have to be tomorrow.


5 mins to go!


I am very excited about tomorrows post – I shall create a special page in it’s honor 😀


Can you guess what it is yet?


Good luck!


I shall also go into more detail about my new Korean drama fixation 😀


Au reviour meine petit Freundes!




P.S. Just made it!


One thought on “I postpone the excitement for Korean dramas

  1. Yesterday I finished the whole Boys Before Flowers series ;’)It’s just amazing! I am now looking for the next Korean dama seies to take up my time! Any ideas? 🙂


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