How Have You Changed In The Past 2 Years? Well, 2 Years Ago – No Despicable Me 2!

Day 2! Yay!

So today:

How have you changed in the past 2  years?

(oh dear)

Well, I’ve changed quite a lot in the last 2 years!
  • Got a part-time job
  • Made new friends
  • Got more hobbies
  • Got a blog
  • Understood people more
  • Became (hopefully!) a better person
  • Got even more obsessed with my favourite TV shows, books and films
  • New tastes in music
  • I’ve grown down a lot. Deliberately. I grew up, didn’t like it, and grew right back down again. Well, in some ways …..

Lot’s of stuff!

I just got back this:

Despicable ME 2

Brilliant film 😀

My new mission is to learn minion language!

I shall do it, and then, I shall take over the world with my army of minions!




*cough cough*

Moving on ……

George sent me this:

(-_-) ( l: ) ( .-. ) ( :l ) ( -_-)

they see me rolling
they hating
I felt you needed to see it 😀
Also I had a German test!
Which I finished early and used the time to make a paper boat out of a worksheet.
It was German though!
I wrote ‘Das Boot’ on the side (‘The Boat’ in German).
And tomorrow we have the horrors of ‘What kind of person attracts you?’ (kill me now, someone, please)
Well, since todays was a not-very-pulled-together-extra-tired-post, you get extra good post tomorrow!
Provided I actually leave my lovely, warm, cosy, bed …………..
Speaking of  which …….
Night, readers 😀
Au revouir meine petit Freundes,

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