Table Tennis is a hobby right?

So Table Tennis happened!

What is this ‘table tennis’ I hear you say?

Well, last week certain friends of mine discovered a table tennis club at a local leisure centre and for some unknown reason, decided to go.

And for the entire of the next week, would not stop going on about this thing!

Particularly, for various reasons, the people there.

Particularly, a certain boy.

Who Elly christened ‘Sheila’.


I can honestly say I have no idea.

But having heard so much about this ‘Sheila’, I was ‘invited’ (Beth you HAVE to come! Now! We promised him we’d bring a ginger- YOU HAVE TO COME!) to join them.

And it was a surprising amount of fun.

Even if Sheila didn’t turn up this week, to the endless chagrin of my friends.

I can now add table tennis to my list of hobbies I am developing!


Yes, I have decided that I do not have enough hobbies.

I realise this is a slightly incredibly random decision, but genuinely, although I have a full mostly fun and mainly satisfying life, I don’t have hobbies!

And since I’m about to start my GCSE’s and thus a whole period of my life that will consist of filling in forms to say what and amazing person I am, I feel I should develop some hobbies.

Like baking! And table tennis.

Reading isn’t really much of a hobby …. more a way of life ……

And The Internet doesn’t look that good on application forms ……..

Maybe I should take up a sport or something!

I like badminton ……..

So the hobby-list so far:

  •  Baking (it will become a hobby, as soon as  I start baking!)
  • Reading
  • Table Tennis
  • Badminton.

I think I need more hobbies ……..

Maybe I should take up bug-watching!


I really don’t know where that came from.

Something else ………

Maybe I should learn to dance ……..

No … too expensive in easily broken objects ….. like tables …….

When in doubt? Google it.

The incredibly lengthy Wikipedia list of hobbies.

Gongoozler? That’s a hobby?

Oh. It’s ‘a person who enjoys watching activity on the canals in the United Kingdom.’

Well, that’s much less fun than I thought it would be.


I have an idea.

I’ll take up photography!

This is IT, this will WORK, I can do this!

Prepare to be amazed, as my photography skills shall feature on this blog in the coming weeks …….

So, my hobbies:

  • Baking
  • Reading
  • Table Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Photography.
  • (Surfing the internet every hour of every day all day ever mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!-)


I must depart now, for I think I am going to die of table tennis exhaustion 😀

Au reviour meine petit Freundes!



P.S. http://floodedroses.wordpress.com/2013/06/20/a-good-and-bad-day/



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