Les Miserables Knee

Sorry guys … no Les Mis.

So Beth, what ridiculous excuse are you coming up with this time?

Ummm … I hurt my knee?

Seriously? You have the entire world of pathetic excuses open before you and you go with ‘I hurt my knee’? Not ‘I fell through a time vortex to 1969 where I discovered the portal to Narnia and journey to the ends of the world where I went through a magical door and came out in the third floor bathroom n Hogwarts, just in time to see a troll enter, but luckily the TARDIS appeared and, as always, broke, leaving us stranded in Middle Earth where we meet Gandalf and taught him how to talk to giant eagles, before I was suddenly disapparated to 221b Baker Street where I had a very strange encounter which ended in me having to get the train home, and really you’re lucky you’re getting a post at all tonight. No? WELL WHY NOT?

No no, hear me out!

Would you like to know what I was doing when I hurt my knee? Let me see ….. it involves swivelly chairs, a fairly flat surface and running very very fast.

Yes, me and my sister were having wheely chairs races.

And I decided to put my wheely chair a distance away from me, take a massive run up and (and heres the important word) attempt to glide gracefully across the floor.

Yeah. I did that.

So, I ended up doing a quite impress flip over the wheely chair. You know in films when the hero is chasing the villain and there’s and unexplained chair in the way and the hero just keeps running and uses the chair like a see-saw in an incredibly cool way?

That sort of happened.

Only I couldn’t keep running afterwards as I was flat on my face.

It hurt okay!

So anyway, I’m going to bed, but because I have abandoned you in your hour of Les Miserables need, I shall give you Les Miserables videos instead!

Oh don’t look at me like that, my knee hurts!

If you have seen the film, you will probably cry at this song:

This one, if you’ve seen the film, you might cry. If not, you probably won’t. It might seem a bit disconnected, but it’s just Gavroche’s parts.

Anyway, I will now bid you adeiu!





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