I spend too much time on the Doctor Who corner of YouTube …….

This is going to be about Doctor Who, because

a) it was on last night, and

b) I’ve been looking through my reader (see rebloggity thing below).

So in my reader I found two things which reminded me of Doctor Who. The post below, and one another.

It showed up in my reader, and it was just a few words, and a video.

And the video was, in fact, a song! (gasps of shock)

It was My Immortal by Evanescence.

Why does this make you think of Doctor Who, you may ask. (Well, maybe you wouldn’t. I don’t know.)

Well, mainly it’s because I watch too many Doctor Who song things off YouTube, which tends to mean that songs which aren’t even particularly sad can have be in floods of tears from the memory of the video.

And it’s a sad song anyway! And there are too many Evanescence songs that can be made into Doctor Who crying fests 😦

So there was lot’s of crying, and then I had to go and find the video again and cry even more.

So here it is:

*sobbing in a corner*

But luckily, there are also funny ones. Lots and lots of them. Probably because everyone needs cheering up after watching all the sad ones. So happy videos! Lots and lots of them.

I spend too much time on YouTube. 😐

And last but not least (I do love this one),

Ah! I feel much better now 😀

Sorry non-Whovians (what have you been doing with your life?), you probably won’t get any of this.

It’s been fun though, hasn’t it?

Anyway, I think we shall end with the trailer for this Saturday’s episode – ooooooh ghost story! I do love a Doctor Who ghost story 😀

Okay, I promise tomorrow won’t be quite so Doctor Who-centric.

Oh, and the Battle of the Bands thing was good 😀

In case anyone cares.

The best person won …….






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