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One Thousand, Two Hundred and Twenty Two Ways to Say Sorry!

on April 12, 2013

This is going to be a massive post because I am very guilty because I haven’t posted in absolutely AGES! Like the time it would take to make the entire Lord of the Rings series plus The Hobbit. O_0. Sorry!

But stuff has happened! Okay, not that much stuff, but you know, stuff!

I will start with a video 😀


I think I’m going to watch Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince later ….. I haven’t seen that one in ages ……

And my uncle is back! He’s been living in Australia for the past year and hasn’t really come to visit since its, you know, Australia (i.e. a long way away) but he’s come back to visit! For two weeks! Which is very exciting because he is my favourite uncle (Shhhhhh!).

Video number 2!


Because I’d forgotten how much I love Busted 😀

And Lord of the Rings:


I really need to read the books again …….

And another thing happened ………


(well technically 61, but who cares :D)

Very exciting! So thanks to:












So thank you! And thanks to all the other amazing people (50 of them! Wow ….) who follow my blog – I love you all!

More Busted:


And I was dancing around the kitchen earlier for numerous reasons:

1) I put Busted on (oh come on, how can you not dance to Busted?)

2) I’d just got up, and it was sunny, and I’d made myself some coffee in my ‘Trust Me I’m The Doctor’ mug



http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=rHjpaH06xB8#! (about 3:50)

I love this, I really don’t know why:


There’s also a Voldemort finale you can download here, or the full song on iTunes 😀

Should I do I copyright thing?


All okay? Onwards!

I got an award from George! Thank you George 😀

It’s the Tag award, and these are the rules:

1. Post these rules

2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random facts about you

3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.

4. Create 11 new questions and tag new people to answer them.

5. Go to their blog/twitter and let them know they have been tagged.

Right – let’s start with the 11 random facts:

1) I’ve eaten snails (no, not just randomly. In a restaurant. In Alnwick. Cooked.) They were yummy. Moving on.

2) I recently (ish) got my hair cut the shortest I’ve ever had it cut. But in a good way 😀

3) I have pretty much an entire shelf dedicated to Terry Pratchett books, and  have read ALL of them. I mean ALL.

4) I have the entire West Wing boxset courtesy of my aunt, and am permanently in a state of watching them all the way through. When I finish, I start at the beginning again.

5) I’ve seen every Doctor Who episode ever made since 2005 at least twice.

6) I’ve read all of the Lord of the Rings books the whole way through at least once. And watched the films.

7) Harry Potter. You know the rest.

8) I love Blackadder as well 😀

9) I have a teddy. His name is Scruffy. Deal with it.

10) I like Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother (Science joke – Why did the chicken cross the Mobius Strip? To get to the same side! Haha :D. What?)

11) My screensaver on my phone looks like this:



Right! Questions:

1. favourite book? Aaah! You know when someone asks you what your favourite book is and immediately every book you’ve ever read goes out of your head? (Knew I’d find a way to get Doctor Who in here somewhere :D).

2. favourite band? Why must these be so hard????

3. favourite piece of music? Ditto!

4. biggest fear? I don’t really have one ….. But one of my fears is being trapped in a small space underground with tons and tons of really heavy rock above me ……

5. reason for starting a blog? I was bullied into it (Elly and Taby ;)) and realised I loved it, and, for some reason, people liked reading what I wrote 😀 Never looked back 😀

6. favourite fictional character? The Doctor! No, Sherlock! No, someone from The West Wing, NO ………. DAMN YOU GEORGE!

7. favourite movie? RRRR why must your questions be so difficult! I love the Green Hornet (Kato = awesome) and Pirates of the Caribbean obviously, and the Harry Potter films ……. I think my favourite Harry Potters are The Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter – with DAVID TENNANT in!) and The Half-Blood Prince because – SNAPE! And bits of the Deathly HAllows for the same reason ….. And I like The Order of the Phoenix because of Umbridge and the DA 😀  Also St. Trinians (the first one), Austin Powers, Singing In The Rain and Shrek. I CAN’T DECIDE!

8. favourite tv series? George, are you trying to kill me? Doctor Who, Sherlock, The West Wing, Blackkadder. Ooh, I know – favourite TV series running at the moment, Doctor Who (only 1 more day everyone!), because the WEst Wing has stopped and so has Blackadder, and Sherlock is in the middle os filming season three (!). So on TV at the moment? Doctor Who 😀

9. favourite time of the year? Oooh, yay, one I can actually do! Autumn, because I love the colours and the smell and also it’s when I was born. And I also love the way you can have those fabulously sunny days and also freezing wintery ones – and the way its almost two seasons at once, without the rainy spring-ness 😀

10. favourite food? I’m not sure about favourite food, but I love snails and cheesy spaghetti bolognaise and lasagna and soup and ice cream and cream and these DELICIOUS chicken goujons (google it :D) my granddad makes and everything really. I’m not picky 😀

11. do you also have difficulty in thinking of list of questions? Yes! And now I have to do that don’t I ……..?

And now my nominations!

Let’s seee…..

Chloe (again – sorry!)





George 😀

And my questions:

1) Favourite Youtuber/YouTube channel/YouTube video

2) Favourite Tv Series and favourite episode from that series

3) Best thing to use as a hat

4) Craziest thing you’ve ever done in a public place

5) Worst thing you’ve ever drunk

6) Best mug you’ve ever seen (I want pics :D)

7) Insanest hairstyle you’ve ever had

8) Longest you’ve ever gone without posting

9)Longest you’ve ever been away from home

10) Numer one on your bucket list

11) Item you REALLY want to own one day

Ooh, hey, they were pretty good questions! I am proud 😀

I think a Movie Villian Medley?


Hehe ….

And Florence and the Machine:


Wow, over 1000 words!

Quick Doctor Who thing, then I’m gone 😀


So far we’ve had The Bells of Saint John

And The Rings of Akhaten:

The music in The Rings of Akhaten was …… amazing.

And tomorrow (for those of you in the UK) there’s Cold War!

Very excited! No spoilers though 😦

I am attempting to do the impossible …….. find out NOTHING  about the 50th Anniversary OR Sherlock season 3! It’s KILLING ME!

Now, a lovely ‘cheery’ Disney Parody ……..


Okay, let’s go slightly more cheery – Morecome and Wise! The Andre Previn Sketch 😀


I think that about concludes for now, but I have not forgotten you! And will return 😀

Goodbye, farewell, and






3 responses to “One Thousand, Two Hundred and Twenty Two Ways to Say Sorry!

  1. georgepeat says:

    You missed out the picture and thanks

  2. Emory says:

    This was awesome! I’m trying to not learn anything about the DW 50th Anniversary too… It’s way too hard. I’ve already seen far more pictures than I wanted. And I totally approve of your phone screensaver. 🙂 Sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side.


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