It’s Award Season!

And finally, the Shine On Award :D. But seriously, haven’t you noticed that everyone in this corner of the blog-o-sphere is getting awards at the moment? And then giving them to everyone else, and then giving them to everyone again – WILL IT NEVER STOP?!?!?! Oh, we love it :D. I might invent my own Award …. I should do that! Hmmm …… The One and Only Award. I like …. more later methinks …..

Anyway, in honour of the Shine On Award, I put ‘Shine On’ into YouTube and look! There’s a song!:

Aww! Oh, and apparently the wonderful George has no one else to give awards to, so he has to give them to me all the time 😉 Thank you George! This time it was the Leibster Award! I shall do that one later………

Anyway, on with the Awards!:

Shine On

  • Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
  • Post the badge on your blog.
  • Answer the questions posed to you.
  • Nominate five bloggers who shine a little light in your day and be sure to notify them.
  • Issue ten questions you’d like them to answer

Would you rather live in Middle earth, travel with the Doctor or go to Hogwarts?

Easy, travel with The Doctor. Wait no, not easy – Hogwarts! Not Middle Earth, because I would probably get killed immediately. And If I travel with the Doctor we can go visit Hogwarts …….. wait, no, fangirl brain overload *beep beep redo from start*

Classical music or modern?

It depends …. probably modern …….

If you could have any animal as a pet which animal would you choose?

Llama. Duh. 😉

Whos your favourite author?

Aaaaaah! I cannot decide! No, wait, I can – Terry Pratchett. Done. Next!

Fountain pen or ballpoint?

Fountain pen! Because they are amazing. Although I do tend to get ink everywhere ……

Whos your Favourite band?

Ooooh, tricky …… possibly Coldplay …. but Chameleon Circuit are AMAZING and so is Bishop Allen ….. And Two Door Cinema Club …… AND Imagine Dragons ……… Okay NOW I’m screwed …….. WAIT I FORGOT HURTS! Extra screwiness …………

If you could train a parrot to say anything what would you teach it?


Pirates of the Caribbean or Twilight?

What an easy question. Twilight! Kidding 😀 Pirates of the Caribbean of course 😀

Whats your favourite TV series?

Hmmmm …. Doctor Who. Or Sherlock. Or The West Wing. DO NOT MAKE ME CHOOSE!!!

Whats your favourite film?

Hmmm……. I really don’t know! I shall have to think about that ……. ………………………………………………. nope still nothing. Oh well!

Okay – 5 bloggers!:



Taby (welcome back!)


greatdisadvantage (formerly alltheloveabove – condolences :/)


Tres awesome people! 😀 Right, is that it, is that it? Nooooooo, questions. Right:

1) No 1 make-up fail (Does that count as a question? I mean it’s not like it has a question mark on it ……. Just, you know, picture a question mark there. Thanks.)

2) Favourite funny thing (And I mean thing. Can be TV show, film, friend, person, random object that for some reason is absolutely hilarious (there might be a story there? We want to know) or quote or something. Just go with it.)

3) Favourite word/quote/line/word-y thing

4) What room are you sitting in right now (STALKER ALERT! Hehehe :D)

5) Most embarrassing moment ever (I am loving the pain :D)

6) Up or down?

7) Left or right? (I really don’t know where I’m going with this)

8) Best movie TRAILER ever

9) Favourite country you never want to visit

10) Favourite piece of music


I shall do the Leibster Award another time. Oh, and I also got the Sunshine Award twice! So that was nice. I shall do those later. For now,





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