The Evils of TALK-TALK

Talk-talk are officially EVIL! Would you like to know the extent of their evil-ness? Would you? Would you? Well tough, I’m going to tell you anyway 😉

It all starts when I get home from school at about 4 ish. I rush in the door, run upstairs, turn m laptop on, and quickly load up all the sites I might want to go on for the next 2 HOURS! It’s like a half hour internet marathon!

And why?

Because at 4:30 pm, EVERY weeknight, the dreaded


goes up. It is an evil device which decides to stop me going on YouTube, Facebook, games – even WordPress! It sucks all the fun from the internet!  If I try to go on them after 4:30, I get a horrible blank screen with the words

Your HomeSafe settings prevent access to this site.

The site you tried to access was detected to contain content that falls into the category Social Networking, which your HomeSafe settings won’t allow.

It is pure EVIL! And if I rty and go on too many things at once in the half hour before the internet is locked in a maximum security prison for two hours, my laptop freezes up, none of it loads and the internet dies! So, dear readers, if I do not post on a specific day, or don’t post until late, or do a really short post, then that is probably why.

As for today, I got home, got my laptop on, pulled up the WordPress ‘new post’ page, and then went and watched Miranda series one, episodes two and three for and hour. It was very good :D. Well, I shall attempt to do the Shine On Award when the internet is let out on bail at 6, so until then,



P.S I HATE TALK-TALK! I swear they are trying to ruin my life……..


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