An Award or Two

I got an award! Or two …… I was halfway through writing this when I got another one. Honestly people, can’t you spread them out a little bit more? Aw, I love you all really 😀

Anyway, I have got the Beautiful Blogger award twice and the Shine On Award. I feel so special ….. 😀

I will do the Beautiful Blogger Award first, so thank-you to Elly and George for nominating me (look, I’m posting! :D)

Ooooh, I gaave myself two because I am special and this makes me doubly beautiful 😉

Anyway, this is what I have to do:

1.Display the Award Certificate on your website (tick tick)

2. Announce your  win with a post and link to whoever presented your award (tick … ish)

3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers

4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post

5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself

Right, on with the show!

Okay, 15 deserving bloggers …… hmmm ……..

I am now treaking through the blogging rainforest in search of rare and incredible blogs ….. and also following the trail of awards …….. it’s quite entertaining sometimes 😉 anyway, best David  Attenbrough impressions …..

girlwiththesilverlocket (here we have a rare specimen of blog, a very entertaining and hilarious blog with fish ……. )

whateverhappens  (a very inspiring blog, definitely worth the trek through the rainforest)

floodedroses (an excellent and funny blog, and yes, it already has this award hanging from it’s blog-branches but I feel it should be awarded it again. Shoot me. Aaaaand David Attenbrough has died.)

littlemissnerdybookworm (again, I now this blog has already got this award, but I am stubborn, and insist that people who don’t nessessarily want this award shall have it. So there. :p)

ellythewelly (of course!)

Ten more to go ….. I shall never survive ……

invisiblethoughts (another amazing blog …. another random teenager 😀 will it never stop? :D)

alltheloveabove (needs an about page. AMAZING.)

attentiallupo (See, this is why I love google translate. I can read blogs …. in Italien! Amazing blog though. 😀 More politics orientated then the others …..)

thebexeffect (very hilarious and funny teenage blog. Plus she lives, and I quote, ‘half way between District 12 and Hogwarts. You’ll find that just over the rainbow.’ What’s not to love?)

sleepingonclouds (excellent blog – amazing pics :D)

Only five more to go! And a whole other award …… oh well, we’ll get to it 😀

nomorerecklesshipsters (AMAZING blog – you guys need to post more! Do it! Now! Or …. or ….. I’ll …….. I will set Geoff and Harry on you!)

sillycharlie (very very funny and generally great :D)

mypersonalbookshelf (a very excellent blog with a lot of very excellent stuff. Look forward to finding more …)

theeurophiles (They travel Europe and find awesome stuff! What’s not to love? Plus thanks to the I have the word for that moment when you think of the perfect comeback and it’s just to late (l’esprit de l’escalier, in case anyone cares))

and last but not least,

ellydeklein (a very awesome and funny blog with awesome stuff!)

Yes! Finally! 15 bloggers 😀

Now – 7 interesting things about me ….. hmmm

1) I read. A lot. That’s not really that interesting is it ………

2) Ummmm…….

3) My Umpa Lumpa died. It was sad.

4) The green magical snake and green non-magical snake are still alive though.

5) Whenever someone I haven’t heard of before likes or follows anything on my blog, I dance around going ‘New people! New people! New People!’

6) I’m supposed to be revising right now

7) I suffer from SM Syndrome.

Well, that’s it! I think I will dedicate a separate post to the Shine On Award …….. Anyway,



P.S. I have just finished watching Dead Poets Society for the first time and I literally cannot stop crying. It is an AMAZING film and I love it so much! I will share this clip that made me almost cry even before I watched the film! It’s the very last scene of the movie and if you’ve seen it, there will be crying. I think I cried for the last 40 minutes of the film – and that doesn’t usually happen! Anyway, here is the clip:



24 thoughts on “An Award or Two

    1. It’s an amazing film! I eventually resorrted to ordering it on amazon! Go on YouTube and search rip it out – dead poets society. It’s an AMAZING film! That clip is right at the beginning and is even better having watched the ‘O Captain, My Captain’ one 😀 One of the funny moments 😀

  1. Well thank you very much! I will mention you on my next blog seeing as I have already wrote a reward one 😀 I have seen the film and it is indeed very sad…I watched it at a friends house in front of her parents…

    1. Haha – so many awards going around at the moment! 😀 Ooooh……. lot’s of crying tears 😦 Not that there is much else you CAN cry …. I suppose you could try crying unicorns but they’d have to be very small sort of liquid unicorns ……….

      1. You could cry any form of liquid if you put enough of it into you eye and blinked a lot, so yes if you liquified a unicorn…I don’t think you should try that though…


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