Random Piece of a Whovian (I’m thinking arm, leg …… chin …..?)

This caught my eye ……. seen only one first Doctor episode, and it still made me laugh 😀
This is the site I found it on.
Blue Hinter  4 days ago

I have to agree with guywhothinksstuff… A story where the 1st Doctor actually manages to land the TARDIS correctly (and give advance notice of exactly when he would be arriving and with whom) borders on sacrilege!

Everyone knows a proper first Doctor story always begins with the following:

Step 1 – TARDIS materializes. Assuming it doesn’t immediately falls off a cliff, gets buried in an avalanche, miniaturized, washed out to sea, or otherwise imperiled, the occupants look at the scanner and speculate where they’ve landed.

Step 2 – Unless there are giant alien fungus trees, pools of acid, three suns, and/or a massive alien citadel staring them right in the face, Ian and Barbara speculate that it might be 20th Century Earth.

Step 3 – They go out and explore. Even if they’ve materialized in the middle of a forest, the top of a glacier, a barren radioactive wasteland, or surrounded by all the trappings of a pre-industrial society, Ian and Barbara will continue poking around for at least a good 10 minutes insisting that just because it’s bloody obvious they’re not in the 20th Century, maybe they’re still in the 20th Century.

Step 4 – They’re not in the 20th Century.

* The exception being when The Doctor claims he has actually piloted the TARDIS correctly. At which point his passengers will utterly refuse to believe him under any circumstances.

DFTBA, Whovians!




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