My Life is Calm

I have calmed down now. The last two/three posts were just slightly random, and sort of …. crazy ….. but I feel better now! All calm :D.


This calmness is making it very difficult to think of things to write about ……..


I think I have a sort of quota of calmness/mental-ness per day ……. I spent most of the school day singing ‘pink fluffy unicorns, dancing on rainbows’ and dancing around have a matching socks/mucho socks word battle with Elly, whilst driving Alec and Issy insane during History. I am now calm. The last few days I have been … relatively calm during school, and then let my quota of mental-ness out on this blog. I am now calm. WHY?!?


I have been watching people being amazing on the West Wing for most of the not-very-far-advanced evening, but I’ve been going on about that and Sherlock quite a lot recently, so I think I’ll leave it for now. *It is AMAZING though!*


My sister is ill at the moment, which isn’t very good :/

Oh, and I forgave that guy I was ignoring ……..

Okay, enough of the general updateness.


I’m thinking of getting my hair cut. Should I get my hair cut? I realise very few of you actually know what my hair looks like, so this is really a rhetorical question ………. For your information, it looks a bit like this:

Only messier. And curlier. And a completely different colour. So not really like this at all. And I’m thinking of getting it cut short. Like short short. I think ……..

Anyhoo ….

Did you know the chemical abbreviation for table salt is NaCl?

And that unfunded mandate is two words, not one big word?

Or that the Bible isn’t always right?

Also that the current world map is biased against the Third World?

See, the West Wing is educational!

Moving on …..

I can play chess. Did you know that? Not well, but okay-ish. This is getting out of hand. I should probably go now.

Before I really start talking rubbish ……..




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