Cheer Up! I’m trying …….

*Sorry about the language in this one, I was a bit …. cross …..*

New theme! Look at it …. it’s all sort of theme-y ………………………………………… I think I like it better than the other one. It’s less brown for one thing ….. and sort of ………..  brighter …………………………. Hehe ………………. So please vote if you prefer this theme!:

Pollllllllllllll ………

Anyhoo, moving on ………………….. (I do that a lot don’t I ………………… I really should stop ………… and what’s with all the elipseseseseseseseses????)

Right, I figured I should try actually writing consistently about one topic for once (ignore the theme-ness at the beginning please) so here we go:

This is just going to be a short rant, and a rant indeed, about complete b*stards, mentioning no names (unfortunately, as these people deserve to face the fiery shame of universal internet rejection ….. One can but hope …..).

Now, this is because of some absolute b*stard boys who were incredibly evil to a friend of mine, whose name shall not be mentioned for her sake. I am just slightly mad about this, so felt I should blog about it (because that’s what normal people do right?!). Plus I kind-of yelled at one of the boys in question, mistakenly as it turned out, and I feel a bit bad about that. And I told one of the others I was never speaking to him ever again, ever. Of the other two, one of them only escaped getting yelled at until his ears turned black and dropped off because I don’t have his number, and the other one I just ignored. All day. Grrrrrr ………..

Anyway, they have apparently conspired to give two of my friends the worst possible day imaginable, and I feel they need cheering up. Oh, and one of the complete b*stards I’m referring to was the boyfriend of one of my friends. No longer. So cheering up definitely needed. Since I find this the easiest way, I have gone to YouTube, Tumblr and other blogs for help. And this is what I found:


Some of these will ways will appeal to the friends in question so they should go check them out 😀 ↑

Made me smile, hope it will do the same for you 😀

I love you with all my butt, I would say heart but my butt is bigger

 the worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel all alone

Okay that was a bit bigger than I expected …….

And this one, which I think sums it all up ……………….

And if that doesn’t help,

a cheering video thing 😀

And because a little Monty Python will round things off nicely,

And because I spent longer laughing at this section of the comments than at the actual video;

This is an atheist hymn.

F*CK YOU! *okay I edited that bit. Language!*

Something eating you, buttercup?

This song has NOTHING to do with atheism, nothing at all.


You’ve really got your panties in a bunch haven’t you? I was making a joke kiddo, atheists don’t have hymms, they’re not religious. Learn to understand subtext.

This is just a song from a movie that parodies the life of Jesus, that has a really positive (but non-religious) message to it, a message which you completely missed.

Grow up.

*new person* 

I’m reading this with a british accent (like the one in the video) and it sounds hilarious.

Picture it in a deep, educated, northern english accent. It’ll sound sexier, and also nearer the mark.

Haha okay, it really does sound sexier, especially the first sentence.

But it makes you older and you sound like a old man talking to a small kid.

*Another new person* Going by what that other person said,

it’s almost certain that he is in fact a little kid, surprising absolutely no one.

Okay there were a lot of people in that ….. but it made me laugh 😀 Anyway, I hope the friends in question read this, and that it cheers them up at least a bit. They’re both amazing people and it’ll all be okay one day. The boys are b*stards. I hope you cheer up soon! And watch this very funny Monty Python sketch to help 😀

Anyway, an especially appropriate ending today,



Be Happy!


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