Jobs and GCSE’s …..

This is just going to have to ba a quick post as I’m in school, at lunch, and really shouldn’t be posting ……


This is all your fault blogger-y people. You have corrupted me!!! I cannot post tonight so I am risking a detention to bring you this!


Because I have a job! An actual job with actual moneys and stuff! This is a big deal! But it means I cannot post on Thursday nights, because that is when my JOB is. Job-y job-y job-ness ……….. (have I used that already??). Anyhoo, would you like to know what my job is? Would you? Would yoou??

Well tough.

I joke.

Oh dear ……

So, if you really want to know what my job is …………. I shall tell you. Now. On the very next line …..

Or the next ….

Or the next ….

Or the next ……..

Ooooh, a pink fluffy unicorn dressed as an alpaca!

But I digress.

My actual real first real job ever ever ever is ………..

Hard to describe in one word.

Oops ……

Well you see, my sister (who is 8 by the way … or is she 9?  …. oh dear ……) goes to a childminder’s after school every day except Thursday. That childminder (whose name I have changed for random purposes …..) is called Jessica, and she is very nice. She is also very busy (you can see where this is going can’t you ….) so has asked me to help out on a Thursday evening! And is going to pay me!

Mwahahahaha …..

I am slightly unnecessarily excited about this, but it is preventing me from blogging on a Thursday evening 😦 I shall probably have to do what I did on Tuesday, which is write the post the day before, and then schedule it (see, I worked out how to do that ;)) for the following day! Which is why I posted at 4 am yesterday ……… a few problems to sort out, but I’ll get the hang of it!

Another thing that’s happening tonight is Options Evening …… :<><><><><><><> (oooh, what a strange face …. :() Slightly stressed, as you saw yesterday, but should be fine ……. Anyway, wish me luck!



P.S. Tabby is forcing me to go boy-stalking now ……… hehe ….


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