Snow, Snow, Snow

So much is happening today! To start with, it’s day 1 of the theme-y thing! I need a better name than that …….

Anyway, this weeks theme is Rounded, so let’s see how that goes! First impressions: sort of ….. brown ……

Moving on ……

It’s snowy! For Britain anyway …. But since we can’t cope with a few inches of snow, there’s no school today! I love snow, it’s so pretty ….. Last week I spent the whole of maths staring out of the window at the snow-fall (hey, I’m sure there’s a song called something like that … ;)) and wishing I had my camera. That went well. By the end of the lesson I had written down the date, title, and L.O. oh, and about 4 numbers. I really had no clue. But still, pretty snow!

There is some snow which, while still being pretty, has … shall we say …. other uses ….. My butt still hurts from the amount of times I landed on it sledging with Elly and Taby yesterday … mind you it was pretty sore by the time I’d taken two steps out of the door and up the hill, landed on my butt and slide all the way back down again. It was a steep hill okay!

Aww, good fun though …. especially the stand-up sledging …. hehehe ….

Well, since I got so completely and utterly snowed on yesterday, (plus I had to pull Elly AND Taby AND the spare sledge down the path to the gate) and my butt hurts so much, I have decided to spend the rest of today indulging another of my tastes … one which I haven’t actually mentioned on this blog before ……

The West Wing

The West Wing is a TV show, which I have the entire 7 series box set of. I love it so much! I don’t go all fangirl about it as much as I’d like, because out of my friends I am alone in my fangirlness 😦 but I love it so much!

The West Wing is a little different to Doctor Who and Sherlock, mainly because it’s an American political drama. Which is not nearly as boring as it sounds, I swear ;). I found clips. Because I have a thing for clips at the moment …..

Sorry about the quality, it’s YouTube. I know not why.

This is President Bartlet owning Governor Ritchie in a debate. As you can probably guess, we like President Bartlet 🙂 The woman is his wife by the way.

Probably not the best scene in it, but I love it all the same 🙂 I have another one, but that will be it because I’m trying to stop filling my posts with clips 😉

The West Wing is also the reason I know that table salt is NaCl, or sodium chloride …. CJ (the press secretary) had to sit next to a Nobel Prize winner at a dinner ….

Anyway, I love The West Wing, and am going to spend my afternoon watching it and laughing at people out in the snow 🙂

Is it snowing where you are? Are you off school/work today? What do you think of the new theme?

I’ll see you guys tomorrow,




2 thoughts on “Snow, Snow, Snow

  1. I can’t believe I forgot to mention the most amazing character on The West Wing ever, John, Lord Marbury, Earl of Croy, Marquess of Needham and Dolby, Baronet of Brycy, and England’s Ambassador to the United States. He is amazing, and repeatedly insists on calling Leo McGarry, the White House Chief of Staff, Gerald; as well as mistaking him for the butler. Go on YouTube 😉


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