Yawn ….. (I wake up. Slowly.)

It’s Saturday. It’s also 8:40. I SHOULD BE ASLEEP! I’m so tired ……..

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …….

gjbdkusjkal u

Owww ……  Apparently falling asleep on the keyboard is not a good way of writing a post ……

Anyway ……

I thought I’d share some music with you! Hopefully this will wake me up enough ……

This first one is by Of Monsters and Men, who I friend of mine introduced me to a while back. This is the song she showed me. It’s called Little Talks.:

The next song is by Mumford and Sons, who are a bit like Of Monsters of Men, only different. Anyway, this is Little Lion Man (there is some swearing in this, so you know. Discretion ;)):

Moving on …..

This is more ….. loud? (Yes grammar Nazis, that should be louder. I’m tired. Give me a break.) It’s also slightly more random, although admittedly  that would be hard. This is Bangarang, by Skrillex:

I sense a pattern emerging ……

This song is more similar to Skrillex than anything else, but I think I prefer this one ….. The band/DJ’s are Swedish House Mafia and the song is Don’t You Worry Child.

I think there’s room for one last song ….

So for this last song I’ve picked Two Door Cinema Club, Undercover Martyn. I love this song, and this band, so yeah. Sorry if this doesn’t make much sense, but I’m tired. :D. And yes, this is what Harry, Ron, and Nevil did when they left Hogwarts. Here it is:

Well, I hope you enjoyed that, it’s certainly woken me up enough! If you guys like these enough I might put a little music player-y thing in the sidebar, so comment if you want one of those. If you have any more music you think I’d like, please share! Anyway, on with the day …..



P.S. I know I said that was the last song, but I wanted to share this one – it wakes me up in a good mood every morning :D. Good Morning Sunshine by Alex Day:

For the last time (I promise!), Byee!


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