Blogging from Hell

Oops. .. I wrote this post on Wednesday, forgot to post it on Thursday, and now it’s Friday … oops …. well, here it is:


The other day, I had a conversation that went something like this:

George: We should use whale tranquilizer on Taby. Duct tape would probably do for Elly ….

Me: Yes! We should duct tape her HEAD!

George: Yeah … but then she wouldn’t be able to breathe …..

Me: Hmm … that could be a problem ….

George: Unless she could blog from hell ….

Which gave rise to the question:

Does Hell Have an Internet Connection?

Since there is almost definately a ton of stuff on the internet that is the work of the devil (naming no names  …..) one can only assume that yes, Hell has internet. On the other hand, Hell is supposed to be the place of eternal damnation. No internet for ever sounds pretty much like eternal damnation ……..

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this …..




10 thoughts on “Blogging from Hell

  1. Hell clearly has dial up, and I’m sure the connection is always going down. Plus, it probably only allows the residents to connect to sites that show how wonderful life is outside of hell… 🙂


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