Elly, I’m gonna kill you!

BETH!!! I might have to kill you if you or Steve don’t do a new blog soon!!!!!!!!! Your last post was on the 4th!!!!! ITS NOW THE 17th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New post or death, for both of you? Your choice???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank-you Elly. I shall be sure to notify Steve.

Anyway, since I haven’t written a post in ages, I’ve devoted this entire post to Elly and death threats.

Elly is a strange creature. She has a special talent for placing random things on her head, and then looking very surprised when they inevitably fall off. She has links with both Boris Johnson and llamas, and is good friends with Taby, another strange creature. We believe their planet of origin to be  somewhere in the Alpaca Nebula, named after it’s appearance and it’s love/hate relationship with alpacas. Elly and Taby appear to be throwbacks to the Nebula’s ainchent past with llamas.

Regardless, they are both  proficient in promising death to those who insult them.

These death threats are strange things, ranging from ‘Piranha Fish DIE’, to ‘May your intestines be boiled in hell and then wrung out on a washing line to be stamped on by alpacas and then eaten in front of you’re still living body before you are brutally murdered, Snail Breeder’.

I have a sick and twisted mind.

So, to recap:

Elly and Taby are the most boring people you will ever meet;

Death Threats bring out the mundanely normal in people; and

I am completely and utterly sane.

Have I got that right?




2 thoughts on “Elly, I’m gonna kill you!

  1. OK!!! YOU CALLED ME BORING!!!!!!! Another one of my favoirites is ‘I will spoon out your eyeballs with a spoon and make you eat them!!!! Hehehehe!!! Naawww thank you beth. I fell really special!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 xxx


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