Deep Thoughts

Firstly, thanks to moviewriternyu for inspiring this post, along with Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis by Ralph Vaughan Williams, which I listened to on a loop while writing this. That might contribute something towards the general loony-ness of this post.

So, I’ve been thinking. (I’ve also been reading the Narnia books, but that comes later). I am having a


Up till now, I’ve really not had a clue what I was going to do with my life, and really, I still don’t. But in my what-the-hell-am-I-gonna-do-with-my-life-ness, I tried googling it (answer to everything right??). And these came up:


Two images, or quotes, or something, and the Tallis Fantasia, combined to make me start thinking. What is the meaning of life? Does it even have one? What do I want the meaning of my life to be? Finding yourself, creating yourself – what do I want to be?

And then I went and buried my head in blankets because I was getting all existential. But the point still stands. Who are you? What do you want to be? Have you achieved what you set out to do, or do you still not know what that it?

This music is beautiful and amazing and made me think of life.

This makes me feel like I can really do something with my life, and I’m going to do it. I’m going to leave you with this poem from EvolutionofInsanity, and if you can, listen to some of the Lord of the Rings Symphony Music while you’re reading it. Remember, this is your life:

Welcome to life.

The great unknown.

It starts with a cry… the first of many.

First step.

First day.

First time.

Childhood friends.

Playground bullies.

Fractured families.

Come of age and fly the nest.

Ambitions to be the best.

Loss of innocence, life changing event…

Console each other, restore each other.

Travel the world to find one another.

Keep in touch.

Out and proud.

The quiet, the loud.

We love.

We hate.






Rise up and demonstrate.

We starve.


From bus to boom.

The fast lane.

Fast food.

Bad moods.

We express ourselves.

Undress ourselves.

Allow this life to stress ourselves.

We take life.

We make life.

Record it.

Observe it.

Do everything we can to preserve it.

Break the mould.

Make the rules.

Choose a God.

Do not suffer fools.

We share it.

Grin and bear it.

Lose it all.

Find the drive.

We strive to thrive because…

We are alive.

Welcome to life.


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